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Sumiden Wire Products Corporation

Spring Wire

Sumiden is the highest quality producer of stainless steel wire for your spring applications. You can depend on Sumiden to supply you when your demanding applications require the highest quality stainless wire. We produce both nickel coated and soap coated stainless steel wire. Nickel coated stainless steel wire was developed and patented by our parent company, Sumitomo Electric Industries LTD (SEI). Nickel coating provides significant advantages over standard soap coated stainless wire.


We always strive for perfection throughout our ISO certified manufacturing process to ensure we produce only the highest quality spring wire possible. We believe that only a solid quality assurance system will enable us to retain our reputation as the highest quality US producer of this product.

Customer Service

We offer unmatched service and delivery to anywhere in North America from our central location. We have implemented an advanced production and inventory control system that allows us to provide minimal lead times. We will satisfy the needs of our customers.


Sumiden can provide engineering knowledge to help solve customer technical problems. Our engineers are knowledgeable regarding all metallurgical aspects of stainless steel spring wire. We have the extensive resources of SEI engineers and researchers who have been producing stainless steel wire for decades. These resources allow us to provide unmatched services in the spring wire industry. If you have a technical problem, you can call on Sumiden.