Proudly supplying our customers with high-quality wire products since 1979


With our global network of suppliers and related companies, Sumiden Wire is able to meet our customers’ needs for today and the future by staying on top of global trends and key market changes.


Sumiden Wire is a US corporation with a seasoned and stable local management team focused on delivering long-term value for our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.


At Sumiden Wire, we work hard every day to exceed our customers’ service expectations. We strive to add value to your business by providing the highest quality products with industry-leading customer service.

The Sumiden Story

Sumiden Wire Products Corporation was the first investment in the United States by Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI). The investment was made in Stockton, California in 1979 for the production of PC strand. An additional investment was made in Dickson, Tennessee in 1989 for the production of stainless steel wire. The Tennessee facility expanded its products offering to include PC strand for the East coast market in 1997. In 2016, Sumiden Wire acquired competitor Industrial Alloys to become the largest single stainless

steel spring wire producer in the US. And in 2017, Sumiden Wire opened our 3rd PC strand manufacturing plant located in Dayton, Texas to better serve the entire US market from coast-to-coast. As a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group, all Sumiden Wire employees are expected to adhere to the Sumitomo Electric Code of Conduct and all suppliers are expected to adhere to the Sumitomo Electric Supplier Code of Conduct. To see our privacy policy, click here

Sumiden Wire products are used in a wide range of industries including construction, durable goods and high quality medical equipment. Read our case studies to learn more.